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"I don't know what to thank you for first... I am immensely grateful for your counsel, wisdom, and time spent fighting multiple battles on my behalf over the last two years. Thank you for making this whole legal process painless. Your help has been such a blessing to me." - Brooke C. 
"Awesome Attorney. I have been with Mr. Gertz for a while. I was injured at work and he took my case without a second thought. He has gone out of his way to make sure I am heard and treated with respect. He NEVER stops fighting for his clients. Paul and his staff make you truly feel like family. After having the experience with Paul I would not hire another lawyer but him." - Wendy S. 
"He's a very caring and patient lawyer. He took care of me and my needs. All through the process he had my wellbeing in mind. God blessed me with his knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. I will remember him and recommend his services to others." - Henrietta R. 
"Hired Mr. Gertz in reference to a business contract with the party that I sold my business to.  Mr. Gertz has given me great legal advice and has given my case his undivided attention as my case is still in progress. My calls are returned promptly by Mr. Gertz himself. Everything Mr. Gertz says he will do such as any court filings and so on, he has also done in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than waiting and worrying to hear what the Plaintiff and his Lawyer is going to throw into the mix, but so far Mr. Gertz has left them scratching their heads. I feel very confident in him and would recommend him to anyone." - A Client. 


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“Highly recommend. Ryan recently defended me against a DWI charge. He was successful in obtaining a "not guilty" verdict from the jury during my trial. Ryan and his staff are professional and courteous, and Ryan is amazing in the courtroom. I highly recommend him if you are seeking a criminal attorney.”- Doug
“Ryan was my lawyer in my DWI case. Due to the information provided by myself and the State, Ryan and I chose to take the case to trial. This was my first time going through a trial and I lacked the knowledge of how they went. Ryan took me through it step by step explaining everything as it took place. He answered every question I had and if I still didn't understand, he explained it differently! He was very knowledgeable and very professional! He knew the law and my rights better than the State, and was very prepared the entire time. I would most definitely recommend Ryan Gertz to any citizen in need of counsel!” -  Heidi P.
“Hire Ryan Gertz. I give Ryan Gertz my highest recommendation. He is a silky smooth criminal trial attorney, who knows how to handle prosecutors. After my trial, 4 of the 6 jurors waited for him at the bottom of the stairway to congratulate him on his closing arguments, and to acquire his BUSINESS CARDS! Hire Ryan Gertz.” - Harlan

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"Extremely Knowledgeable. Andrew helped me through IP assignment negotiations in the upstream oil and gas industry. He helped me end up with a much better deal structure and legal protection. I highly recommend Andrew when choosing an attorney." - Grant W.
"I have used Andrew and his firm for several title opinions in Jefferson County, Texas. I was extremely satisfied with his work and his professionalism, and will use him again." - Matthew C.
"Andrew Paul Gertz has represented me in a number of lawsuits. I am quite happy with the work he has done for me." -Robert F. 


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* Client reviews were written by actual clients at the request of our attorneys through third party legal listing services such as and Martindale's  Every client's case is different. These reviews should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a successful outcome for your case. 


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