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Paul W. Gertz Client Reviews

"Mr. Paul and Angie are amazing,  they treat me like family. They were very understanding and really there for me during my time of need and loss. I would recommend them to anyone, thanks once again Mr. Paul and Angie" - Caitlin, February 27, 2017
"When I was struck by a car while walking across the street, my world was sent reeling. I contacted the Gertz Law Firm & put my faith in Mr Gertz. I was not disappointed. They handled me with kindness & worked diligently to make sure I was not harmed financially. They quickly resolved my case efficiently. I will be happy to urge anyone in the same situation to call The Gertz Law Firm." – Connie L., February 18, 2017
"Mr. Paul and Angie were great. My case was nasty and complicated but, Mr. Paul showed me respect the whole way and never made me feel like a client. I was pleased with the results he produced, and would use him anytime. GREAT LAWYER, PERSON, AND GREAT STAFF (ANGIE ROCKS)."  -A Client, February 17, 2017
"Paul was diligent, consistently available to answer questions, and worked to make me feel comfortable about the litigation process. I found Paul and his staff to be helpful and secured an outcome for my case that was satisfactory. The case was about injuries that were incurred during a terrible car accident and Paul was so respectful about the nature of my injuries and genuinely cared about my well-being and the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend Paul Gertz for anyone who is looking for an experienced attorney who cares about his clients." – A Client, February 21, 2017
"Best attorney ever!!!!!!  Paul as well as his secretary are exceptional. My case became very complicated, but Mr. Paul kept me informed and made sure I understood everything every step of the way. I was treated with respect and so was my family. Most attorney's make you feel like a client, but not Mr. Paul. I'm very happy with his service and would recommend his services to the world. Thank you so much Mr. Paul." - Posted by Tiffany, February 9, 2017
"I don't know what to thank you for first... I am immensely grateful for your counsel, wisdom, and time spent fighting multiple battles on my behalf over the last two years. Thank you for making this whole legal process painless. Your help has been such a blessing to me." - Brooke C. 
"Great Attorney. Hired Paul after no one else would take my case. Everywhere I turned it seemed like there was no way I could win. Paul listened once I gave him facts and I have been able to prove now that I was right. Would recommend this firm to anyone." - Stephanie
"He's a very caring and patient lawyer. He took care of me and my needs. All through the process he had my wellbeing in mind. God blessed me with his knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. I will remember him and recommend his services to others." - Henrietta R. 
"Insurance Company refusing to pay for spouse's S-I Joint Surgery. I contacted Mr. Gertz about my situation with BCBS of Texas and an appointment time was set. Mr. Gertz was cordial and sympathetic about what my wife and I had been going through. I gave him all of the documents I had and after reviewing them, he assured me, they would pay for the surgery. Mr. Gertz sent BCBS a letter and within a week after they had received it, the surgery was approved. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gertz to anyone having problems with insurance issues." - Eddye 
"Incident Claim. Mr. Gertz and his team did a great job for us. They were very professional and kept us informed of our status and options throughout the entire process." - A Client.
"Paul Gertz Superior Attorney. Paul Gertz assisted me with healthcare issues and with real estate issues. I found his services to be very helpful, his advice on target, and his firm's success in court superior. I highly recommend him and his legal knowledge." - Nick
"Awesome Attorney. I have been with Mr. Gertz for a while. I was injured at work and he took my case without a second thought. He has gone out of his way to make sure I am heard and treated with respect. He NEVER stops fighting for his clients. Paul and his staff make you truly feel like family. After having the experience with Paul I would not hire another lawyer but him." - Wendy S. 
"Hired Mr. Gertz in reference to a business contract with the party that I sold my business to.  Mr. Gertz has given me great legal advice and has given my case his undivided attention as my case is still in progress. My calls are returned promptly by Mr. Gertz himself. Everything Mr. Gertz says he will do such as any court filings and so on, he has also done in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than waiting and worrying to hear what the Plaintiff and his Lawyer is going to throw into the mix, but so far Mr. Gertz has left them scratching their heads. I feel very confident in him and would recommend him to anyone." - A Client. 
"I did not think I had a very good chance of winning as I was going up against a very large Corporation. Mr. Gertz thought that I had a good case and was not deterred by the company's size. The case was settled before it ever went to court to my amazement and in my favor. Mr. Gertz was very professional and always took the time to explain to me in detail each step of the process and what to expect. Mr. Gertz is a very fine attorney." - Risa
"Very comfortable with Mr. Gertz very knowledgeable about the law I was treated with respect and he kept me informed about my on-going case." - Robert D. 
"Thank you....I never thought I would be in a situation of needing an attorney and I couldn't have asked for better legal representation. Very honest and straight forward. I highly recommend Paul!" - Anna
"Passionate and devoted attorney! I have found Mr. Gertz a very dedicated attorney who fights for his clients without any reservations. Paul Gertz is ethical and self-motivated. I am grateful of him being on my side." - Mubashir C.
"Great Lawyer. I had a great experience with the Gertz law firm. I was referred by someone. Once I called and explained my situation. Paul called me in we talked and he went head first in making sure that I got the best service and that I was compensated for the injuries that I endured. He wasn't just a lawyer to me he became my friend and he cared about me as well. I would recommend to anyone that were in need for a good personal injury lawyer to please call Paul Gertz. I will forever be grateful to him and his team. Thanks." - A Client
"I would recommend Paul to anyone. He always takes time to answer our questions. He is very good at listening to the facts and then putting them in print." - Patrick 
"Thank you ever so much for your consideration and great legal advice.  I appreciate it more than you can know!" - Jean C.


* Client reviews were written by actual clients at the request of our attorneys through third party legal listing services such as and Martindale's  Every client's case is different. These reviews should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a successful outcome for your case. 

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