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Commercial Litigation

Mechanic's and Materialman's Lien Lawyers

The mechanic’s and materialman’s lien provides a method for sub-contractors and workers to have a claim for payment against the property/project to ensure they will receive payment for services and goods they provided on the project.
The law establishes strict guidelines as to how a mechanic’s lien form needs to be filled out, who needs to get copies of it and when it needs to be recorded.
Because the lien’s rules are complex and because the failure to follow the rules to the letter may result in a voided lien, it is strongly suggested that The Gertz Law Firm be retained to prepare and file the lien.  For a relatively modest fee, which is typically $1,000 or less, our law office will prepare all of the appropriate documents and affidavits, and we will then record the lien with the Clerk in the appropriate county.  Clients will be provided a copy of the recorded lien and will be advised of their rights concerning their lien.
Please contact our attorneystoday for assistance regarding the intricacies of mechanic’s and materialman’s liens, or any other area of lien law or construction law.
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