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Lost Business Income Caused by Hurricane Harvey –flood, wind and no water service – claims under your business interruption insurance:
Retail, commercial, and industrial businesses in Southeast Texas are suffering from the effects of Harvey. Many businesses were flooded out. Others had wind damage to their roofs causing devastating leaks. Homes and businesses with utilities served by the City of Beaumont were without water. Thus, businesses were shut down until water service could be restored. Most stores and businesses had few or no customers during and after the hurricane either because the customers could not get to the business or because the store could not operate without fresh water.
While some businesses may be able to recover quickly after hurricane Harvey, other commercial and industrial businesses could be looking at weeks or months ahead before returning to normal operations. All businesses will suffer some loss of income because of the devastating effects of the hurricane. Companies which have business interruption insurance may be able to recover some or all of the lost income. During a free consultation, the attorneys at the Gertz law firm can review and advise clients as to their insurance coverage which could be used to offset some of these losses.
Successfully preparing and pursuing insurance claims in the wake of a disaster such as Harvey can be a complex and time-consuming process. Because the employees and management of businesses are trying to get back to normal, they have little time to put together the extensive information needed to get a business interruption claim successfully resolved. The lawyers at the Gertz Law firm can and will devote the time and energy necessary to reach a successful conclusion of a business interruption claim. How the firm can successfully put together the claim information can be discussed at a free consultation with one of the firm’s lawyers.
The first step in determining if a business has a good insurance business interruption claim is to review and understand the insurance policy’s ins and outs. The typical insurance policy is full of complicated and confusing language which is difficult to understand. Understanding this complex insurance policy jargon is a challenge and often times requires the expertise of lawyer trained in insurance law. The Gertz law firm attorneys have such training based upon over 40 years of experience in representing insurance companies as well as filing claims and lawsuits against insurance companies on behalf of their clients. An initial insurance policy review and analysis will be made by the Gertz Law Firm lawyers during the free consultation with the client.
After determining that the policy provides benefits to a business, the next step is to gather the information needed to successfully file a claim with the insurance company. Many times, financial experts and forensic accountants will need to be retained to put together information concerning the company’s successful financial history as well as projections for the future income of the business. The attorneys at the Gertz Law firm can work with such experts to gather the needed data to present the claim in the best light possible.
Once all the needed claim information is put together, the firm will present this to the insurance company in the most effective way. Then, there is always a period during which the insurance company will request additional information. Once that additional information is provided, what usually follows is extensive negotiations back and forth between our firm’s lawyers and the insurance representatives. The goal of the Gertz law firm as to get the best settlement offer from the company in the shortest period of time.
If a satisfactory settlement offer is not made, the firm will consult with the client about filing a lawsuit against the insurance company for the wrongful and bad faith denial the claim, recovery of attorney’s fees, interest, and court costs.
The Gertz Law Firm will handle these types of claims for a contingent fee: If money is recovered from the insurance company, the firm will take its fee and expenses from the settlement proceeds. If the firm recovers no money from the insurance company, the client will owe the firm nothing for a fee or expense.
To find out what rights your company may have under its insurance policies, and to learn how the Gertz law firm can assist in filing your company’s insurance claims, call one of the lawyers at the Gertz law firm today for free consultation. Call 409-833-6400 to speak with a Gertz lawyer. 


Texas Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance Claim Dispute Attorneys
If TWIA or other  insurance company has denied or underpaid your claim for damages or business interruption, you need representation by an experienced insurance claim dispute attorney.  The Gertz Law Firm represents clients in all types of bad faith insurance claim cases, including hurricane and windstorm claim cases.  The type of claim you have will vary based on what type of damage or lost revenue you had, your geographic location,  and the type of insurance policies you have.
If you need additional information regarding what types of damage certain insurance policies cover, the Texas Department of Insurance has provided a helpful chart for such general information. You can view the chart by clicking here.   But because every policy holder's situation may be different, it is important to contact an attorney for questions specific to your situation. 
Contact the firm for a free initial consultation about your case.
Getting the Compensation You Deserve
The hurricane and windstorm insurance claim attorneys of the Gertz Law Firm will closely examine all aspects of your claim and develop an appropriate legal strategy.  They will seek full and complete compensation for you.


Legislative Update
The Texas Legislature recently passed House Bill 1774, the first party insurance bill, which takes effect on September 1, 2017. This bill materially alters the rights and remedies available to property owners under the Insurance Code. Harvey related damage in the first-tier coastal counties will be subject to the TWIA statute enacted in 2011. However, HB 1774 will be a factor for inland damage claims.
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