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Texas law provides that an injured person may recover a reasonable amount for the loss of income or lost wages caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness.  Many times, the calculation of the amount of lost wages or income is relatively easy.  If a person is paid by the hour, and misses a certain number of days of work or a number of hours of work as a result of the accident, it is relatively easy to calculate the amount of lost wages.
However, many of our clients own their own businesses or are self-employed in some way.  In this situation, the loss of income calculation can be decidedly more difficult.  The attorneys at The Gertz Law Firm are trained and experienced in calculating reasonable amounts in lost income for those individuals who are self-employed or who own their own businesses.  A loss of income figure may be calculated in several ways: reconstruction of the amount of time spent at doctor’s offices, the amount of time at home in bed recovering from the accident as well as income and revenue records from the business or the self-employed person’s financial records.
In order to make sure that all reasonable amounts are paid for loss of income and wages, The Gertz Law Firm will work with the client to make sure the proper information is provided to the insurance company in such a way that the insurance company awards the injured person the needed amount for reimbursement of lost income.
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