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At The Gertz Law Firm, our OSHA accident injury lawyer, Paul Gertz, has experience in lawsuits for compensation for those injured in the workplace.
OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a set of federal regulations which provide for the prevention of workplace injuries, accidents and deaths.  It also enacts and enforces standards regarding workplace safety and employees’ health.
When employers violate OSHA’s regulations (either due to negligence, recklessness or incompetence,) it’s far more likely that employees or civilians will sustain injuries or death in the workplace.
Anyone injured in the workplace may be entitled to a settlement for his or her suffering and losses by initiating a personal injury workplace lawsuit.
Types of OSHA Accidents
OSHA accidentsvary widely, depending on the nature and severity of the incident.  Typically, OSHA accidents include:
•      Being struck by an object
•      Blasts, explosions and/or fires (such as boiler explosions)
•      Collapses of structures or equipment (such as the collapse of a wall, building or ladder)
•      Crane accidents
•      Exposure to toxins, radiation, chemicals or other hazardous substances
•      Falls (either due to slipping or falling from a high place, such as scaffolding)
Failure to comply with OSHA regulations, especially those that involve training staff on proper safety procedures, can increase the likelihood and intensity of workplace accidents. Such OSHA accidents can cause:
•      Blindness or hearing loss
•      Burns
•      Disfigurement
•      Fractures
•      Loss of limb(s)
•      Permanent disability
•      Traumatic brain injury
•      Death
Review the Damages and Reasonable Compensation page for more information about your rights regarding compensation.
If you have been a victim in an accident caused by a violation of OSHA, you may have an excellent worker’s compensation claim or a potential personal injury lawsuit.  
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