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Under Texas law, a property owner has a duty to maintain safe conditions on premises.  When an owner does not do so and a serious accident and injury happens, the property owner becomes liable for damages if the owner knew of or should have known about the danger.
Paul Gertz is an experienced personal injury lawyer who strives to help accident victims obtain compensation for their injuries and losses.  Though every case is different and compensation is not guaranteed, Paul has a record of success in accident cases and works tirelessly to get results for his clients.
Paul Gertz represents people who have suffered injuries as the result of:
•      Slip-and-fall accidents
•      Inadequate security
•      Dog bites
•      Accidents on public property
•      And other types of property owner negligence
Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights
If you have suffered an injury as the result of a property owner's negligence, you need to act quickly to protect your ability to obtain compensation.  You should:
•      Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident
•      Write down your recollection of the event and how it happened
Then contact Paul Gertz for a free consultation.
When representing you, our attorneys will thoroughly document the negligence of the property owner.  They will also identify the full amount of your economic losses and place a value on your pain and suffering.  Our premises liability attorneys will aggressively pursue results for you.
Review the Damages and Reasonable Compensation page for more information about your rights regarding compensation.
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