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The Gertz Kelley Law Firm is committed to providing high-level Criminal Defense services in Beaumont and the surrounding communities. 

A Beaumont Law Firm Approaching Every Client With A Focus On Integrity, Advocacy And Understanding.

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Personalized Legal Solutions For Every Client

When you work with The Gertz Kelley Law Firm, we will clearly explain the issues in your case and spell out your legal options in plain, understandable terms. Once you determine how you want to proceed, we will work diligently toward the best possible outcome. As you move through the legal process, our team will keep you informed about developments in your case. Whatever your legal problem, the legal team at The Gertz Kelley Law Firm will work with determination to achieve your goals.

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Taking On Complex Cases

At The Gertz Kelley Law Firm, we are accustomed to taking on complex cases. Attorneys Gertz and Kelley are known in the legal community for their skills in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. Our firm uses a meticulous approach to gathering evidence and interpreting the law to create innovative legal strategies. We know how to navigate the complex web of regulatory laws and negotiate with governmental agencies, the insurance industry and business interests to protect your interests. Whether it is white collar crime, business litigation or a real estate case involving multiple parties, we have the skills and experience to represent you in the matter.

Praise For The Gertz Kelley Law Firm

“Ryan was my lawyer in my DWI case. Due to the information provided by myself and the State, Ryan and I chose to take the case to trial. This was my first time going through a trial and I lacked the knowledge of how they went. Ryan took me through it step by step explaining everything as it took place. He answered every question I had and if I still didn’t understand, he explained it differently! He was very knowledgeable and very professional! He knew the law and my rights better than the state and was very prepared the entire time. I would most definitely recommend Ryan Gertz to any citizen in need of counsel!” – Heidi P.

“Tom Kelley is a great attorney, he took his time with me and explained every little detail so that understood him completely. I truly believe that he cared about me and my case. I will definitely recommend Tom to anyone. He’s just that good!!!” – Chelsie

“I give Ryan Gertz my highest recommendation. He is a silky smooth criminal trial attorney, who knows how to handle prosecutors. After my trial, 4 of the 6 jurors waited for him at the bottom of the stairway to congratulate him on his closing arguments, and to acquire his BUSINESS CARDS! Hire Ryan Gertz.” – Harlan

“Exceptional. My case was a hard case for anyone, but Ryan was so skilled and had such a strong presence in the courtroom, that he was able to get me a verdict that was needed. I did not give him an easy case. Respectful, knowledgeable and sincere. I will be using him for sure next time I need an excellent attorney.” – Danny

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Photo of Ryan W. Gertz