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What To Avoid Doing After A DWI Arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Drunk Driving

An arrest for a DWI in Texas can leave you confused, scared and overwhelmed, especially if you have never been arrested before. Perhaps you went out with friends for a few drinks and had more to drink than you thought. Now you find yourself facing a criminal charge and wondering what to do next.

Exercise your right to remain silent

Say nothing to the police and do not ever admit to having consumed any alcohol. When the police read you your Miranda rights, you will be told that anything you say can be used against you. There is a reason for this.

Many people are nervous during a DWI arrest and that, combined with the alcohol in their system, can cause them to start rambling. The police sometimes count on this since your statements can provide with them evidence.

You may think that talking to the police about the situation will help you, especially if they are acting nice to you. Trying to be friendly and explain yourself will only make the situation worse.

Cooperate with the police

Aside from providing basic information such as your name, do not say anything else and ask for an attorney. Be polite and respectful. Cooperate with what the police officers tell you to do.

After the arrest, do not discuss your DWI case with anyone except your lawyer and do not post on social media about it. Remember that even if your accounts are restricted, there is always a chance that what you post could end up being seen by prosecutors and your statements could damage your case.

Follow all rules or restrictions that are in place due to your arrest. If your driver’s license was suspended, do not drive. If you are forbidden from consuming alcohol while the charge is pending, don’t. Breaking a rule or condition can result in additional charges or penalties.

There are several potential defenses to a DWI charge. Get your situation thoroughly evaluated to see if any apply to you.