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Creating A Criminal Defense Even Prior To Formal Charges

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

When law enforcement begins poking around your business’s finances, this is understandably worrisome. It is not always clear what they are looking for or what they will uncover and suspect. Thus, it is important that you arm yourself, taking steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

Accused of a white-collar crime

You do not need to be arrested or formally charged to exercise your right to legal counsel. At the Gertz Kelley Law Firm, our attorneys have seen firsthand the benefits of being proactive and taking immediate steps to protect yourself. Thus, our law firm focuses on providing a strong defense for those accused of white-collar crimes.

White-collar crimes come in a wide variety; however, they are almost always financial in nature. Therefore, the allegations can get rather complex and multifaceted. Whether you are facing charges for embezzlement, conspiracy, mail, wire and bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, bribery, securities fraud or identity theft, you have various defense options available to you.

Defending against white-collar allegations

The defense process can be overwhelming, lengthy and emotional. As such, our law firm will use its strength in negotiating to help our clients obtain a favorable plea bargain. If an agreement cannot be reached, we are always prepared to litigate a matter.

By understanding the details of the charges, evidence collected and your role in the matter, we can establish your strongest defense. While the goal is to clear your name and dismiss the charges, we work hard to reduce the charges and penalties in the event that there isn’t an acquittal.

When dealing with white-collar allegations or potential charges, it is important to act fast and diligently. A timely defense and understanding of your legal rights and options will serve you well.